The 5 Biggest Challenges On Using Social Media

A question was posed by Tamas Torok at Inbound.Org about what businesses have as their biggest challenges on social media.

I thought this was a good question.

social media

Because even though I am a pretty good SEO I have to admit that my skills with social media are a bit lackluster

And I bet many of yours are too.

I know for a fact that that businesses, especially small businesses, either run a little social media or none at all.

And I am betting that one of these items below is what many of you are dealing with as well.


1) Getting likes or followers.

This point was brought up by Paul Varga who stated that he has a hard time getting likes organically on brand new pages.

And a couple of people shared his sentiment.

Paul was especially vocal about having to pay for the likes.

If you didn't know you can promote your Facebook page, or boost a post within Facebook for a set amount. And when you boost your page you can set what you would like the person to do. Either call you, like the page, sign up for your newsletter, etc.

social media marketing

By targeting your audience and setting how much you want to pay you can get likes to your new page.

But that wasn't the problem for Paul as I understood the problem.

His problem was getting the "likes" organically.

I think the solution presents itself.

You have to pay for the likes with a new page.

Facebook, Twitter and Google and many of the other social media platforms you have to pay to play.

Of course that leads to another problem that we'll discuss here shortly which is keeping up with all the new platforms that are emerging.

Jayson DeMers has this article 50 Free Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes which has been published in Forbes. 

2) Getting shares of your post and content.

We all I think have either saw or heard about "Chewbacca Mom" and how her live stream on Facebook went explosively viral.

Youtube has created 100's, if not 1000's of stars because of the amount of shares that their videos have garnered.

Our problem is how do we get our content and message to go viral.

It is hard to predict just which piece of content is going to take off like wildfire.

sharing content on social media

I know that I would write 100's of articles for my blog on different tips within my industry as a mover.

And while I have a couple of articles that have some traction I have had nothing that has blown up and get shared.

It because of my writing. It could because moving isn't all that interesting. Or it could because you guys just don't care.

I don't know.

Jason DeMers from Marketing Land just wrote a post about this 3 reasons your content isn’t getting shared — and how to fix them

3. Connecting with "influencers"

One of the ways to get likes and shares which we saw from the above two problems is getting those with large followings already to endorse us.

content outreach

It may come a surprise to some businesses but getting the big guns in your industry to say something nice about you and introduce you to their following his huge for your business.

Ryan Stewart made his career by doing this.

Another aspect of this problem is determining exactly who in your field is an influencer.

It seems that people with large followings are not always the best people to connect with. You have to find those that are actually driving the conversation in your arena.

That seems to be a conumdrum.

It seems that the folks over at Kissmetrics have already solved this problem for us. They have a great article called How to Find Influencers Who Already Want to Share and Link to Your Content 

4) Keeping up with all the social media platforms.

For me this is one of my biggest problems.

And I feel this may be true for many of you as well.

They have some many social media platforms that you can engage in nowadays that it sometimes gets too overwhelming to keep up with them all.

Many come and many fall. Ever heard of MySpace? Or how about Tout? Some of you are scratching your heads right now or even going to Google to find out what the hell I just said.

Everyone knows or uses to one degree or another Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube.

Plus we have other mediums like Pinerest, SnapChat, Instagram and so on.

social media marketing platforms

But here are some many more.

You could literally hire a platoon of minions just to know and run all of the social media platforms out there.

And another challenge that I have is the learning curve on these platforms.

It becomes so hard to keep up and current.

Right now, this phone app for Pokemon Go is huge. I recently did a small article and video on using this to help drive tons of new customers and leads into your business. You can see it here

5) Sticking with it.

Just like Patti Podnar sated in the questionaire "Sticking with it. Participating in social media isn't something that comes to me intuitively. When I get bus(ier), it's one of the first things to fall off of my to-do list."

When you are a small business or your are working for yourself, when do you find the time to manage your social media?

Sure, if you had a lot of spare money you could hire virtual assistants (VAs). But I don't know about you, when I was running my moving business I didn't have money to spare on things like this, especially at first.

social media campaigns

When you are small you can't run a social media campaign effectively enough. There are just not enough hours in the day. Something has to give.

But that is a double-edged sword.

An effective social media campaign will drive hordes into your business make you so flush with cash it isn't even funny.

So where is the middle ground?

Internet guru Neil Patel has found us the answer with his article Social Media Marketing on a Budget: The 4-step Approach That Works

Final Words

I'm not gonna bullshit you. I don't have all the answers. I just know what I run into, and I know what many people run into.

But I also know that there is a solution out there for everyone of our biggest challenges on social media that we have.

I have tried to describe as articulally as I can the problems and potential solutions that the experts have given us.

I truly hope that you found this useful.

And if you would like to know more information on how I could possibly help you with your social media campaign. Send me an email at or PM on any one of my social media platforms that I hang out in.

Lasty, if you found this article in any way helpful or insightful please leave a comment below and share this with your friends.

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