1000% ROI for $1/hr …New Kids App Crushes It For Businesses

There is a huge phenomena that is occurring right now under our noses that you business owners should be taking advantage of.

This is only a fad right now...but who knows. It could turn out to be something very huge.

Kids have grown up with watching Pokemon on TV and then playing the card game or playing it on video games.The kids that first began watching it have grown up and are now having kids of their own. And it appears that they haven't grown out of Pokemon just yet.

The new phone app Pokemon GO is huge.


It drives more traffic than Snapchat and other social media right now.In fact, it is actually getting kids off their butts and walking around town (exercising) look for these Pokemon at Pokemon gyms and Poke stops.

These gyms and stops could be your business.

For a $1 and hour you could be driving in dozens of people to your business to buy whatever is that you have or if you sell things you could be educating/networking with those people to sell your services.

You just have to use your imagination.

I have been hearing about this fad for sometime now. I see that name, I see the memes. I didn't understand it all because I am not typically interested in Pokemon. I personally found it quite dumb.

But I am seeing the results that this new app is driving into local businesses.

And this is so much better than Foursquare (that was a joke.) or even Groupon.

I am going to post a link to the article in Inc magazine so that you can read it for yourself, or you can go to my website for more info.

Thanks for reading.

Read the article in Inc. magazine here.

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