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16 Self-Confidence Hacks To Build An Unbreakable Self Esteem

Are you an introvert? 

Do you suffer from self esteem issues?

I do

But I came up with 16 actions that helped me build an unbreakable self confidence and start loving myself.

And in this article I'll show you why and how I did it. Keep reading.​

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[Back Up Plan] The Importance Of Having A Brilliant Plan B

Because I had a brilliant back up plan I was able to save 100's of dollars and a lot of stress.

back up plan

You've about Murphy's Law right?

His law states "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

This is just one of those axioms that prove to be true over and over. And today, it came true for me...again.

But it didn't bother me. Because I had a plan B. I had a back up plan.

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[YouTube Video Challenge] My 30 Day Challenge Begins Today

Miles Beckler of MilesBeckler.Com began a 30 day You Tube video challenge over 6 months ago after attending an event by Kyle Cease

Apparently he had a lot to say...(sorry I couldn't resist.)

I have watched Miles' videos over and over now for the last week. I have never been so captivated and motivated by anyone or anything before​ (except for my Lord and savior Jesus Christ...but that is another story.)

Something in the way Miles communicates his lessons has resonated with me, and it's motivated me to embark on my own 30-day video journey.

And today is the first day.​

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