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4 Vital Elements Of A Successful Moving Company Website

You have to have a website for your moving company. Do they have to have these 4 vital elements to capture and sell moving jobs?

You need a website, there is no question in this.

Without one or the other, you will not be successful as a moving company.

For you to be considered legitimate and be found you have to have some form of website presence. And your moving company website needs to be mobile-friendly.

I am finding with my website, that a little over half of the traffic I get is from a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

And to be successful in capturing leads and getting the moving jobs it has to have these 4 vital elements:

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5 Ways To Write Listicles To Drive Traffic To Your Business


The easiest way to present your product or service is by writing content that gets read.

And hopefully shared...A lot!

You could try and write the article yourself. But you may be like the rest of us shlubs and be horrible at writing.

Or you could spend $100s and pay someone to write for you. That isn't very practical if you are small business or start-up.

But what is easy is to present your information in the form of lists.

The new buzzword for this is "listicle."

what is a listicle

Not a big fan of the word myself as I usually catch myself saying in my head "testicles." And I giggle every time. But that's me...

Check this out....

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