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5 Very Good Reasons For Movers Uniforms

5 very good reasons why your movers should be in uniform.

Wearing movers uniforms is essential in developing a positive professional branding image. And I go over 5 reasons why this is so.

Moving company uniforms give your customers a higher opinion of your moving company. I've found when my guys wear uniforms they have fewer problems with customers and customers are happier with my company.

I can't back that up with hard stats but it is just something that I have observed for myself.

Your moving company employees seem to have higher morale when they are in uniform. I can't explain it, but it is something that I've found to be true.

Moving company employees uniforms set you apart from everyone else. It separates you from those companies that are uniformed and puts you above those that don't have mover uniforms.

It helps to solidify your branding with the public. When your customer's neighbors see your guys in their uniforms it is one more distribution of your brand and image.The more people see your brand the more they get to know, like, and trust you.

And lastly, uniformed movers sell your service. This is a fact known for decades. It is a part of your marketing and branding. And it should be considered a priority.

Should movers wear uniforms? ...Uh, Yeah!

I've just explained to you 5 reasons why you should be uniformed.

Where to find cheap movers uniforms?

This is a hard question to answer, because uniforms are expensive, period.

I have found getting uniform t-shirts from a local source is far cheaper than getting them from some company online. Which is weird considering most of your local vendors use these same online shops to print their shirts for them.

Another affordable solution is to buy regular t-shirts at your local store that match your company's colors have your guys wear those.

5 Powerful Tips For An Effective Moving Company Branding Strategy

Moving company branding is not any different than branding for any other company. But as movers, we have difficulties to overcome that many businesses don't have.

The biggest one we have to overcome is the fact is we are operators, not branding specialists.

We can load a truck but marketing and branding can be a foreign language to us.You can read or watch YouTube videos on branding all day, and while they'll give good advice, a complete and effective moving company branding strategy isn't be in those videos or books.

I have been a hard knocks pupil of branding for the last 10 years and I still have so much to learn. But I have distilled 5 effective tips in how to brand your moving company.

While not foolproof it will get the job done.

5 Branding Tips: ‚Äč

The first tip is your message.

What is it that you want to communicate? Do you wish to communicate that you are dependable, loyal, trustworthy, playful...what?

Second, once you figure that out then decide what are the best colors that will communicate that message.I suggest you pick two contrasting colors and go well with each other.

For example, if you want to communicate dependableness and you choose an elephant as your mascot. What colors would you choose? I would go with gray and then maybe a red to contrast it.

Next are your name and logo.

What is going to communicate your message the best? Remember we're trying to visually communicate your message.

In our example, that would be dependableness for which we have chosen an elephant. So our logo would be gray and red with and elephant as it's icon.

Lastly, we have to distribute that message.

So everywhere a customer is going to see you you have to keep the message standard in all mediums.That means the same colors, the same logo, the same name everywhere and anywhere.