Building Credibility And Trust To Become A Successful Mover

Building credibility and trust is the single most important thing you should be doing when you are just starting, building and running your moving company...Any company for that matter.

2 Components To Building Credibility And Trust​

Building credibility and trust have two components:

  1. Testimonials
  2. Social proof.

How do you build credibility and build a reputation?


First, you get as many testimonials as you can.

After every move, you should be getting your customers to give you a testimonial, or at the very least go to a site to leave a review.

Second, you build social proof.

What is social proof? Social proof is legitimacy.

It's aligning you with other established businesses or getting those businesses to align with you.We can see an example of this with Nike.

When they first started making and selling kicks they gave them to basketball players to wear while playing basketball.

And that strategy worked. We still see that very same strategy in almost every niche.

And you should be doing it too.

So how do you build social proof? Simple.

You align yourself with other businesses. Easy peasy.

But here are some practical way in doing that:

  1. Submit press releases. Once published on news sites use their logo on your site.
  2. Join prominent associations like Chamber of Commerce, BBB.
  3. Advertise on local News and Radio station's websites.
  4. Give-a-ways, contests and good ole fashion PR.

Here are some other ways to build a great reputation and credibility:

  1. Attend business networking groups. Meetups are great source for those.
  2. Join associations as we talked about above
  3. Get testimonials
  4. Sponsorship of local sports, or charity golf games et al.
  5. Volunteer

By doing the above, especially when a young company will separate you from the rest of the herd

Jae Burnham

In July 2008 I was fired from my landscaping job, so I went on to start my own moving company. For the next 6 months I quickly learned what it took to not only start a moving company but to build one as well. Now...I make over $300K a year, employ up to 8 movers and do over 500 moves a year all over the state and country...Now I am on a mission to help the next generation of moving entrepreneurs how to start and run their own moving businesses.