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Power Up Your Moving Company With Business Systems

Who wants to learn how to speed up and simplify your business for maximum profit?

I do...I do!

Learning how to build business systems is the key to doing just that.

Once you have laid out the systems and processes you can truly start to build your business empire.

What is a system? To put it simply it is a checklist or to-do list in 1,2,3 order.

Moving business systems and processes can do 4 things for you:

1. They'll make it easier to train your staff and movers. You create and put in place a checklist and your people won't get it wrong.You train your staff on the checklist and they follow A B C and there should be little to no problems.

2. It will speed up production. When there are systems in place it will eliminate all the second guessing and confusion that exists.Your movers will know what to do, and they won't be questioning every little "what ifs" or "what abouts" that they can create in their tiny little universe.

3. It eliminates most fights, arguments and gets everyone on the same page, thus creating a suitable and enjoyable working environment.It's well documented with higher morale more production occurs.

4. In the future, when or if you decide to expand, sell or branch out systems in place that are operational with make this a piece of cake.

Buyers of businesses want well-oiled machines that are producing well. So when it comes time to sell, this will be a breeze.

Or if you wish to branch out or expand, your bank or investors will be lining up to hand you money.

Another awesome benefit is that when something breaks down in the company you can easily spot and correct the system that is out and get it fixed, replaced or added.

So how to systemize your business is simple. Find the area of your business that is having the most trouble right now.

Go and handle that problem while documenting the solution and put that into a checklist...then move on to the next trouble spot and so on and so forth.

Do not underestimate the importance of systems.

Systems are what turned McDonald's into the billion dollar business that it is today. Don't believe me then go watch the movie The Founder.

5 Very Good Reasons For Movers Uniforms

5 very good reasons why your movers should be in uniform.

Wearing movers uniforms is essential in developing a positive professional branding image. And I go over 5 reasons why this is so.

Moving company uniforms give your customers a higher opinion of your moving company. I've found when my guys wear uniforms they have fewer problems with customers and customers are happier with my company.

I can't back that up with hard stats but it is just something that I have observed for myself.

Your moving company employees seem to have higher morale when they are in uniform. I can't explain it, but it is something that I've found to be true.

Moving company employees uniforms set you apart from everyone else. It separates you from those companies that are uniformed and puts you above those that don't have mover uniforms.

It helps to solidify your branding with the public. When your customer's neighbors see your guys in their uniforms it is one more distribution of your brand and image.The more people see your brand the more they get to know, like, and trust you.

And lastly, uniformed movers sell your service. This is a fact known for decades. It is a part of your marketing and branding. And it should be considered a priority.

Should movers wear uniforms? ...Uh, Yeah!

I've just explained to you 5 reasons why you should be uniformed.

Where to find cheap movers uniforms?

This is a hard question to answer, because uniforms are expensive, period.

I have found getting uniform t-shirts from a local source is far cheaper than getting them from some company online. Which is weird considering most of your local vendors use these same online shops to print their shirts for them.

Another affordable solution is to buy regular t-shirts at your local store that match your company's colors have your guys wear those.

5 Powerful Tips For An Effective Moving Company Branding Strategy

Moving company branding is not any different than branding for any other company. But as movers, we have difficulties to overcome that many businesses don't have.

The biggest one we have to overcome is the fact is we are operators, not branding specialists.

We can load a truck but marketing and branding can be a foreign language to us.You can read or watch YouTube videos on branding all day, and while they'll give good advice, a complete and effective moving company branding strategy isn't be in those videos or books.

I have been a hard knocks pupil of branding for the last 10 years and I still have so much to learn. But I have distilled 5 effective tips in how to brand your moving company.

While not foolproof it will get the job done.

5 Branding Tips: ​

The first tip is your message.

What is it that you want to communicate? Do you wish to communicate that you are dependable, loyal, trustworthy, playful...what?

Second, once you figure that out then decide what are the best colors that will communicate that message.I suggest you pick two contrasting colors and go well with each other.

For example, if you want to communicate dependableness and you choose an elephant as your mascot. What colors would you choose? I would go with gray and then maybe a red to contrast it.

Next are your name and logo.

What is going to communicate your message the best? Remember we're trying to visually communicate your message.

In our example, that would be dependableness for which we have chosen an elephant. So our logo would be gray and red with and elephant as it's icon.

Lastly, we have to distribute that message.

So everywhere a customer is going to see you you have to keep the message standard in all mediums.That means the same colors, the same logo, the same name everywhere and anywhere.

4 Vital Elements Of A Successful Moving Company Website

You have to have a website for your moving company. Do they have to have these 4 vital elements to capture and sell moving jobs?

You need a website, there is no question in this.

Without one or the other, you will not be successful as a moving company.

For you to be considered legitimate and be found you have to have some form of website presence. And your moving company website needs to be mobile-friendly.

I am finding with my website, that a little over half of the traffic I get is from a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

And to be successful in capturing leads and getting the moving jobs it has to have these 4 vital elements:

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[YouTube Video Challenge] My 30 Day Challenge Begins Today

Miles Beckler of MilesBeckler.Com began a 30 day You Tube video challenge over 6 months ago after attending an event by Kyle Cease

Apparently he had a lot to say...(sorry I couldn't resist.)

I have watched Miles' videos over and over now for the last week. I have never been so captivated and motivated by anyone or anything before​ (except for my Lord and savior Jesus Christ...but that is another story.)

Something in the way Miles communicates his lessons has resonated with me, and it's motivated me to embark on my own 30-day video journey.

And today is the first day.​

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Google Adwords Forces You To Spend More Or Else

google adwords keyword planner complaints

We all use Google's Adwords keyword planner for most of our SEO services and research. 

So far it has been free.

Well it now seems that has changed, at least for those that Google calls "lower monthly spend" ​users.

​It seems now we SEO companies if we can't spend more than a certain amount we can forget about doing accurate keyword research and planning. 

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12 Insanely Profitable Benefits of SEO Marketing

I think it's safe to say:

advantages of search engine optimization (seo) marketing

Every businessperson wants to market their business effectively for the least amount of expense. ​

But, is there a way to market your business and do it cheaply?

In fact, you can dramatically increase the amount of leads, customers and sales by implementing these simple strategies to all your search engine marketing...

...you could literally 5X your return on investment over all other forms of marketing. 

In today's post I am going to show you the importance of SEO and give you 10 insanely actionable advantages of search engine optimization

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