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16 Self-Confidence Hacks To Build An Unbreakable Self Esteem

Are you an introvert? 

Do you suffer from self esteem issues?

I do

But I came up with 16 actions that helped me build an unbreakable self confidence and start loving myself.

And in this article I'll show you why and how I did it. Keep reading.​

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[Back Up Plan] The Importance Of Having A Brilliant Plan B

Because I had a brilliant back up plan I was able to save 100's of dollars and a lot of stress.

back up plan

You've about Murphy's Law right?

His law states "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

This is just one of those axioms that prove to be true over and over. And today, it came true for me...again.

But it didn't bother me. Because I had a plan B. I had a back up plan.

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[YouTube Video Challenge] My 30 Day Challenge Begins Today

Miles Beckler of MilesBeckler.Com began a 30 day You Tube video challenge over 6 months ago after attending an event by Kyle Cease

Apparently he had a lot to say...(sorry I couldn't resist.)

I have watched Miles' videos over and over now for the last week. I have never been so captivated and motivated by anyone or anything before​ (except for my Lord and savior Jesus Christ...but that is another story.)

Something in the way Miles communicates his lessons has resonated with me, and it's motivated me to embark on my own 30-day video journey.

And today is the first day.​

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Google Adwords Forces You To Spend More Or Else

google adwords keyword planner complaints

We all use Google's Adwords keyword planner for most of our SEO services and research. 

So far it has been free.

Well it now seems that has changed, at least for those that Google calls "lower monthly spend" ​users.

​It seems now we SEO companies if we can't spend more than a certain amount we can forget about doing accurate keyword research and planning. 

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12 Insanely Profitable Benefits of SEO Marketing

I think it's safe to say:

advantages of search engine optimization (seo) marketing

Every businessperson wants to market their business effectively for the least amount of expense. ​

But, is there a way to market your business and do it cheaply?

In fact, you can dramatically increase the amount of leads, customers and sales by implementing these simple strategies to all your search engine marketing... could literally 5X your return on investment over all other forms of marketing. 

In today's post I am going to show you the importance of SEO and give you 10 insanely actionable advantages of search engine optimization

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The 5 Biggest Challenges On Using Social Media

A question was posed by Tamas Torok at Inbound.Org about what businesses have as their biggest challenges on social media.

I thought this was a good question.

social media

Because even though I am a pretty good SEO I have to admit that my skills with social media are a bit lackluster

And I bet many of yours are too.

I know for a fact that that businesses, especially small businesses, either run a little social media or none at all.

And I am betting that one of these items below is what many of you are dealing with as well.

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1000% ROI for $1/hr …New Kids App Crushes It For Businesses

There is a huge phenomena that is occurring right now under our noses that you business owners should be taking advantage of.

This is only a fad right now...but who knows. It could turn out to be something very huge.

Kids have grown up with watching Pokemon on TV and then playing the card game or playing it on video games.The kids that first began watching it have grown up and are now having kids of their own. And it appears that they haven't grown out of Pokemon just yet.

The new phone app Pokemon GO is huge.

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5 Ways To Write Listicles To Drive Traffic To Your Business


The easiest way to present your product or service is by writing content that gets read.

And hopefully shared...A lot!

You could try and write the article yourself. But you may be like the rest of us shlubs and be horrible at writing.

Or you could spend $100s and pay someone to write for you. That isn't very practical if you are small business or start-up.

But what is easy is to present your information in the form of lists.

The new buzzword for this is "listicle."

what is a listicle

Not a big fan of the word myself as I usually catch myself saying in my head "testicles." And I giggle every time. But that's me...

Check this out....

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