12 Insanely Profitable Benefits of SEO Marketing

I think it's safe to say:

advantages of search engine optimization (seo) marketing

Every businessperson wants to market their business effectively for the least amount of expense. ​

But, is there a way to market your business and do it cheaply?

In fact, you can dramatically increase the amount of leads, customers and sales by implementing these simple strategies to all your search engine marketing...

...you could literally 5X your return on investment over all other forms of marketing. 

In today's post I am going to show you the importance of SEO and give you 10 insanely actionable advantages of search engine optimization


1. Compared to paid ads (PPC) search engine marketing are cheaper and get better click through rates.


In a recent study, it was found that for every one click through PPC (pay-per-click) organic search generated 8.5 clicks. ​

seo vs ppc click through rates

Image courtesy of www.grazitti.com.

It was also discovered that organic SERPs (search engine result pages) actually converted ​those leads 5.66 times better than PPC.

Ironically, PPC got 80% more investment than SEO. ​

What this means is:

Clearly SEO vs PPC click through rates are superior yet gets less than 20% of the marketing budget.

advantages of search engine optimization

image courtesy of aborg.com.

Allocate 80% of your marketing budget to SEO and you will crush your competition.

2. Dramatically increase traffic over 300% like Emil did.

Imagine this:

You write a fantastic piece of content and you macked it out with videos and graphics. You write something that you could be proud of.

Now imagine that this piece of content brings you a 348% increase in traffic to your website.

What would happen?

Would you get more leads?

Could you get more customers?

Would it all lead to more sales?

In a word:


Absolutely it would.

And that is what happened to Emil.

Not that long ago Brian Dean of Backlinko.com wrote a an article about Emil who used Brian's info to increase his traffic by 348%.

SEO increases traffic

Image taken from Brian Dean's website Backlinko.com

​Emil used the Skyscraper technique to write article that resulted in a 348% increase in website traffic.

This article generated 41,992 pageviews, a #1 ranking in the search engines ​a 100k in monthly revenues.

​645 social shares:

SEO increase social shares

Image courtesy backlino.com

Also, because Emil’s post attracts high-quality organic traffic, a good chunk of his visitors convert into leads:

seo increase email subscriptions

Image courtesy of backlinko.com

More importantly, this guide helped boost Emil’s homepage traffic by 59%.

seo increase homepage traffic

Because of Emil's SEO he has turned his "ho hum" blog into a marketing juggernaut that brings in 6 figures monthly on a consistent basis.

3. SEO creates higher trust and generates higher brand credibility. 

People trust Google:

The higher you are in the SERPs the higher your company's perceived ​importance.

seo creates higher brand credibility

The higher in the SERPs the higher the perceived value of your content

Having your content on the first page of Google, especially in the top 3 spots, increases authority and trust with customers that are highly motivated to buy from you

A discussion from ps212.com highlights this point:

"There is a definite trend in declining trust ​as they delve deeper into the results... Users think being on the first page means that others have clicked the link, they are significantly more likely to trust it themselves." 

Search engine users prefer organic results 94% of the time.

authority ranking relationship

image courtesy of kissmetrics.com

For the best results your content should be informational.

best domain authority

image courtesy of kissmetrics.com

4. Dollar for dollar SEO gives your a better return on investment (ROI)

The are a number of reasons that investing in SEO will help your business.

The biggest reason is that leads that comes from SEO are highly targeted, which means they'll most likely turn into paying customers.

Here's why:

One study found that SEO leads have a 14.6% conversion rate, while the conversion rate for more traditional marketing is at 1.7%.

Another study detailing the changing landscape of web marketing, Mechanica and Fast Company found that more than 70% of businesses using SEO campaigns have realized its effectiveness.

The study found that SEO has helped 72% of businesses improve their web marketing and visibility.

While 23%said they weren’t sure if it works and 5% found no real benefit, the overwhelming majority have found increased leads and conversions when implementing SEO campaigns.

5. If you don't use SEO, your competitors damn sure will.

If the points above don't convince you to use SEO, then maybe this will:

Your competitors are right now using SEO to rank higher in the search engines and getting the lion's share of the social media benefits over you.

Here's a little of my story:

In 2008 I started a moving company.

benefits of SEO marketing

U-Save Moving and Storage dominates the local searches and attracts over 50 clicks a day and makes over 500K per year.

I had no money, no influence, no experience to speak of, and I no way of doing any marketing.

What I did have was knowledge in search engine marketing.

...But I didn't know everything.​ I still had to study, learn and apply.

By applying what I knew and what I learned, I made 5 figures in the first 6 months I was in business.

Here's the thing:

u-save moving and storage

The top content that I use to SEO my moving business website

By my ​third year of business I was making well over 6 figures yearly.

I now make close to 500K/yr.

Almost exclusively do I use internet marketing to accomplish my goals. ​

When I started my moving business, none of my local competitors were using SEO. Many still are not. And as a result I rank in the top for my keywords​

advantages SEO

Because of SEO I have been outrank my competition for over 8 years driving $100s into my business

I'm getting all that traffic and my competitors are left scrambling wondering how I do it. 

There's no secret:

Just utilize good common sense SEO strategies and you'll get that traffic too.

6. Another advantage of SEO is that it takes your business to the next level.

My friend Pat Flynn is a great example of this:

Pat started what is now a highly successful blog back in 2009. And at that time he was only making just south of $8K per month.

Now he can bring in over $171K per month.

​Pat posts all his income reports for his site smartpassiveincome.com for everyone to see.

The neat thing about Pat, he not only posts his income that he makes because of his website, but he teaches you exactly how to do it too.

​I think it's obvious:

By using the sound search engine strategies you can take your business (or website) to the next level...

...Whatever that may be.​

To see the best of Smart Passive Income just click here.​

7. Seo will help you stand out in the crowd. Head-and-shoulders over your competition.

You know it's true:

As a local business or any business standing out in the crowd in the chief product of marketing.

seo makes you stand out in the crowd

Image courtesy of www.azquotes.com

So how do you get picked in the sea of other businesses that are clamoring for the same spots that you are?

This one of the major advantages of search engine optimization.

It gets better:

​Dionne Lew wrote a great article about using SEO to stand out in the crowd so I'm not going to rehash it here. 

I'd suggest you go read it yourselves, which you can do here. ​

8. Almost 60% of the clicks (AKA leads) go to the first 3 positions in the search results. 

Let me ask you this:

Where do you stand in the search engine result pages (SERPs)?

Don't know?

...Well you should. It is critically important!

Slingshot SEO did a study a couple years back and found that the first position in SERPs on Google got a CTR (click-through-rate) of over 18%.

google organic click through rates 2016

Images courtesy of Slingshot SEO


The second position got slightly less, and third position even less. ​

Fourth through the 10th place were fighting for the scraps.

is seo worth it

And if you were on subsequent pages...You might as well not even have a dog in the fight.

I believe that you can now see that it is important to be on the first page of Google, preferably in either if the first 3 positions.

9. A major advantages of search engine optimization is that your content is evergreen. It's there 24/7/365. 

This is such a simple benefit.

But don't discount the importance of this fact:

The internet is up and running every single day. It never sleeps. It never gets sick. And never talks a holiday.

I have seen this work in real time with my moving business.

During the major holidays I have very few moving jobs, but I can't tell you how many times I have seen spikes in my internet traffic.

Leads that come to me in the middle of the night.

Over and over and over again.


​Evergreen content will always be there. It is permanent. 

evergreen content

You may have to update the content every couple of years or so, but a great piece of content will always be there. Always working and selling your services/product.

10. A great piece of content that is properly SEO'd will sell your service/product for you.

Imagine having a kick ass sales agent that will sell for you anytime, anywhere.

Would that make your life easier?

It did for me in my business.

​Content, whether it be a blog post, infographic, video or even podcast, geared around information that helps your potential customer will out sell you and your salespeople all day long.

They are skeptical of salespeople. In the back of their minds your customers think that your salespeople are shady or trying to take advantage of them.

But content, that they can read, understand and take action on will out perform any salesperson.

11. Your business will be easier to find

How much do you expect to make if you can't be found?

I believe it's obvious...

That if your online presence is at the top of the SERPs then you will be found. ​

This is also true for local SEO

Let me explain:

Ever heard of the snack pack?

it's like this...it is those results that you type when you are looking for a local business.

google snack pack

Above you can see that my company "Jaebird SEO" is the first result in the snack pack for the term "internet marketing"

​It should go without saying that this is very profitable for me.

But SEO does more than get you found online, it also gets you found offline too.

You see:

When someone is looking for movers lets say:

benefits of seo

Who do you think they are going to choose?

Notice how that Google snack pack also gives your address and phone number?

This helps you to get found. ​

12. Your social media is made stronger with SEO.

​Social media doesn't drive traffic!

soical media marketing

Image courtesy of Quicksprout.com

Bold statement I know.

This isn't to say that social media is powerful, and I don't want you to have the wrong idea.

Social media is beneficial. But don't be fooled that it drives traffic.

It's the reverse actually:

​A proper content campaign will drive your social shares which then drives more traffic.

​Let me explain:

​Social media is about sharing of thoughts and ideas. Good or bad.

Without something to share there is no social media.

​This is where content marketing comes into play. It gives you something to share. Something to talk about and to have others talk about.

People love to share great content online. 

Make sense?

Don’t Waste Your Time: 6 Ways to Be More Efficient on Social Media is great article written by Neil Patel from Quicksprout.com. I suggest you give a good read.

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