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Are you ready to take your MARKETING to the next step?

Then you have come to the right place...

Here's the deal:

If you're not getting the leads you want...

If you're confused by all the conflicting SEO information out there...

Then I'll help you get where you want to be.

So if you already know the basics of SEO — and want to take your marketing to the next level — then you're in the right place.

What you can expect from JAEBIRD SEO:

I am a big believer that your company should stand out in the crowd. That you should get all the limelight so that you can win this game called business.

​But with the massive amounts of information out there, how can you find practical techniques you can use to generate you more search engine traffic to your site?

And that is where we come in...

Your marketing superheros come to save the day.​

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, thousands of academic research papers, and wasting time on strategies by so called “experts”.​

content marketing
seo consultant

About Jae "Jaebird" Burnham

Jaebird SEO was founded by Jae Burnham, an internationally known speaker, author, entrepreneur and full-fledge card carrying comic book geek. (the reason for the superhero motif.) 

After bumbling around during my 20's and early 30's working in Hollywood doing various jobs like seminar leader, public relations and dabbling in the movies as an extra.

Finally I finally settled down, moved back to my hometown in Michigan and started a moving business.

So I coupled my marketing knowledge with SEO and turned my small moving business into a 6 figure business within a year and half.

Therefore I've been studying and using SEO techniques ever since to beat my competition and to help my friends with their businesses.

Now I want to help you too...