[YouTube Video Challenge] My 30 Day Challenge Begins Today

Miles Beckler of MilesBeckler.Com began a 30 day You Tube video challenge over 6 months ago after attending an event by Kyle Cease

Apparently he had a lot to say...(sorry I couldn't resist.)

I have watched Miles' videos over and over now for the last week. I have never been so captivated and motivated by anyone or anything before​ (except for my Lord and savior Jesus Christ...but that is another story.)

Something in the way Miles communicates his lessons has resonated with me, and it's motivated me to embark on my own 30-day video journey.

And today is the first day.​


In Miles's challenge he is just giving pure actionable content. He's not selling a thing. Except for a couple none of videos are sending you to affiliate links.

However, I cannot promise you that.

I will most definitely be putting in links where I can earn a commission. But I promise you that I will tell which are affiliate links and not.

9 Years as a Mover

​I have been in the moving business for what will be 9 years in July. 

how to run a successful moving business

Jae is the owner of U-Save Moving and Storage which he started in 2008 with little to nothing and has turned into a 6-figure per year business.

I started the moving company with nothing but a a desire to be my own boss, and pay-as-you-go phone and a Ford Explorer SUV.

I didn't have a computer, office, trucks, equipment or even any experience as a mover. Kinda of stumbled in the profession as they say.

But in that time I have amassed a considerable amount of knowledge about not only starting, but running a successful moving business.

Today, my business makes over $300K every year. I have 6200 sq ft warehouse. And I have moved 1000's of people across town, across the state and across the country.

Now I'm not bragging.

I'm merely stating what I accomplished.

"Why" you ask?

Because for my video challenge I will be teaching you how to start and run a successful moving business.


I've used these methods and skills to start other businesses like a landscaping, car detailing, pet sitting and home cleaner businesses.

All from scratch.

I believe that I have something to share.

While I may not be the be-all, end-all I do come with a certain set of skills. ​

What I Need From You

​I need your help in making my YouTube Challenge work. 

I need:

  1. You to subscribe to my YouTube channel
  2. Watch and like (or dislike) each video you watch (I'm hoping you'll watch them all.)
  3. Leave a comment. Either good or bad (the really vile ones will be deleted and you'll be banned from my channel.)
  4. Share the video every where and anywhere you can.

Hopefully you'll do this for me. 

When you leave a comment this is what I would like from you: 

  • Tell me what you liked or disliked.
  • Tell me what you would like more info with

In this way, I can give you guys what you are looking for, or if I don't know, I can go and find it for you. 

The First 7 Days of the Video Challenge

Have you been wondering how it has been going since I started the challenge?

No!? Really! Really! I mean c'mon, really!

Well, just in case, here is a the video of my progress for the first seven days of the Miles Beckler YouTube 30-day Video Challenge:​

Wrapping Up

Well I think that just about does it. So until tomorrow when I come back with another video I will bid you a good night.

Oh...and one more thing. If you would hit one of the social buttons below and leave a comment I'd appreciate it. 

Have a Great Day!​

Jae Burnham

In July 2008 I was fired from my landscaping job, so I went on to start my own moving company. For the next 6 months I quickly learned what it took to not only start a moving company but to build one as well. Now...I make over $300K a year, employ up to 8 movers and do over 500 moves a year all over the state and country...Now I am on a mission to help the next generation of moving entrepreneurs how to start and run their own moving businesses.