14 Step SEO Solution [For Insane Traffic And Huge ROI]

Huge traffic SEO solution

SEO can create huge returns and drive insane amount of traffic to your business. Consult with Jaebird SEO for you FREE 14 Step SEO solution.

The world of SEO(search engine optimization) is literally changing each day...

This makes it just about impossible for the small business person to effectively manage his or her website....

That is why we offer our FREE 14 Step SEO Solution consultation...

JaeBird SEO is a premiere digital marketing agency with dozens of internet professional technicians, dedicated to maintaining our position at the leading edge of these technology changes….

We have prepared a step-by-step competition research guide to help you get started on your way to the rankings you deserve.

Step 1: We will Find your top important search competitors and Check who ranks for your keywords in the search engines.

Step 2: We will collect the general SEO stats and draw a comparison.

Step 3: We will check your Competitor On-page strategy. And fix the entire on page like Meta tags, title tag, canonical issues, and image alt tag etc...

Step 4: Analyze your competitors' content strategy.

Step 5: Analyze and run competitors' on-page SEO audit.

Step 6: We will download all the backlinks your competitor's have. Make a general analysis to evaluate the type of backlink and replicate links that will boost your SEO ranking.

Step 7: Scan their social accounts, monitor the social signals competitors have and analyze their social media pages.

Step 8: Analyze the ad campaigns and ad copies of competitors also look through their landing pages

Step 9: Reclaim your brand and get linked where you are mentioned

Step 10: Post as a guest on high rankings sites

Step11: Analyze the WebPages alter their appearance according to device

Step12: Analyze Easier for users to interact with share and link to responsive design

Step 13: we will Post as a guest on high rankings sites

Step 14: Continually monitor the changes for the top competitors and also monitor competitors' rankings progress, Track their new back links and See how Google updates impact competitors' sites

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